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Complimentary Webinar: 2PM EST, April 25, 2017 Sales Tax Training Boot Camp for  the Non-Sales Tax Professional This webinar is for purchasing, AP and plant  management staff at manufacturing companies  to learn how to make smart sales tax decisions that saves time and money. LEARN MORE OR REGISTER NOW!

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Why Should Manufacturers Ask Vendors to Break Out Labor & Material Charges?

 Manufacturers should always ask vendors to itemize their invoices.  This practice helps...Read more

Are Storage Tanks Full of Sales Tax Exemptions for Manufacturers?

Many states provide sales tax exemptions for manufacturing equipment, but storage tanks are often...Read more

Where Manufacturers Should Look to Improve Sales & Use Tax Procedures

Where does a manufacturer start looking for sales or use tax mistakes that are wasting money and...Read more

Overpayment Reviews for Manufacturers: Compare Apples to Apples

Who should you hire to conduct a sales tax overpayment review at your manufacturing facility? Don’t...Read more

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